InterContinental Warsaw 5* – hotel review

Intercontinental Warsaw is the luxurious five-star hotel, which consists of  326 guest rooms with different standard. Including presidential suite, 77 exclusive suites with kitchenette and 12 meeting halls as well. In the building there were also located: ball room, two bars, two restaurants (including well known Restaurant Platter by Karol Okrasa), E. Wedel hot chocolate café, RiverView Wellness Center that is sauna, fitness club, spa, solarium. On 43 and 44 floor (150m above the ground) the modern swimming pool with dimensions 6×18 meters has been built. It is the highest swimming pool in Europe. The parking lot for 175 vehicles, spreaded out through five tiers, was located under the ground,.

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At the time of making a booking I did let you know about Justyna’s Birthday. During our check in at the reception desk Justyna gets wishes and additional information that surprise for her was left in our room.

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As I said our choice was Deluxe Room King Bed.As the name suggests, the bed in our room was big.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 003

Besides there was also a little surprise for Justyna – the birthday cake…

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 038

…and wine. At that we found inside a brewing Nespresso coffee kit, fruits and a lot of bottled water.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 007

Our room had also the big work desk.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 004

Free internet was available for us. Of course I didn’t neglect to use it. The speed was acceptable and we didn’t have to log in every hour like in Prague. Maybe because I was in Prague only with Club status and here with Platinum?

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 061_900px_lp

In the wardrobe there was a safe, an ironing board and an iron.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 021

In the second wardrobe there was an electric kettle, extra tea bags,  coffee and price list of mini-bar stuff.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 022

Concerning mini-bar – this is the inside view.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 045

In the room you could not miss a big TV. There were Polish and foreign channels open for use. For instance there was Polish TVN channel available in English language as well.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 028

On our bed we found the leaflet, that contained an information about possibility of delivering breakfast to our room. The cost of this service was 15zl.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 026

On our bed there were also robes and disposable slippers waiting for us. We could use them for example when we went to the pool.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 036


The big advantage in the bathroom was individual shower and bath (also with shower option).

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 034

There was a big cosmetics set waiting for us there. Two times bigger than in InterContinental  Prague.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 033

Furthermore, there were hairdryer, scales and large mirror.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 032

Club Lounge

Club Lounge is located on 41. floor,  where you can enjoy a good view of Warsaw.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 082

I was there when the breakfast just finished, so there was no snacks, only fruits, beverages…

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 097

.…and something cold & hot to drink.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 107

In very comfortable armchairs you can watch TV channels or for example play chess.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 094

Kids will also find something for themselves – like computers.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 089

At that there is wide range of books as well.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 084

And for daily paper lovers – Polish and foreign press.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 073

As soon as the breakfast was finished, you can see, there were lot of free places. But not more than 15 minutes ago lounge was filled with people. It’s the perfect place for organizing the appointments with bunch of acquaintances sipping a drink or coffee.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 118


I assume I will always be associating breakfast in InterContinental Warsaw with wide range of dishes and tasty food. But for sure there will always be somebody who will make a fuss. I’m not counted among them,cause I was very satisfied. The service was also very kind.

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 001

Short and incomplete list of what you can eat and drink here in the breakfast time:

  • pancakes,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 020

  • maple syrup,
  • chocolate,
  • whipped cream,
  • sour cream,
  • apple juice,
  • fresh orange juice,
  • fresh grapefruit juice,
  • blackcurrant juice,
  • water with lime,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 071

  • coffee, tea,
  • herrings in different forms,
  • salmon,mackerel with pepper

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 045

  • pudding,
  • scrambled eggs,
  • hard-boiled eggs,
  • soft-boiled eggs,
  • eggs in mayonnaise,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 016

  • fried bacon,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 002

  • fried sausages,
  • bean in tomato sauce,
  • 2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 006
  • various types of cereals
  • fried tomatoes with parmesan
  • various types of jams

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 062

  • various types of bread,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 009

  • curd cheese,
  • cottage cheese,
  • blue cheese,
  • cheese,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 017

  • ham,
  • salami,
  • porridge,
  • yoghurts,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 025

  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • pickled pattypan squashes,
  • porcine pâté ,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 051

  • Miso soup,
  • Dim Sum,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 005

  • potato pancakes,
  • roasted porcine ham,

2014-01-12 InterContinental Warszawa 004

You need to admit that’s “a bit” and it's not all.

River View Wellness Center

River View is exclusive, comprehensively equipped fitness center located on 43 floor. Pool with panoramic Warsaw view, Yoga that reestablish your balance or active exercises with personal trainer is just a small part of available attractions in this place. There is also sauna, jacuzzi and solarium here. We had opportunity to enjoy only pool and jacuzzi.

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 146

By night it is beautiful here – you can swim and marvel at colorful Palace of Culture and Science

2014-01-11 InterContinental Warszawa 152


Intercontinental Warsaw is the second hotel of Intercontinental Group I’ve been to. The former, in Prague, also blow my mind, but this in Warsaw even more. Maybe it’s a merit of the swimming pool, or bigger room? Maybe just 44 floors are better than 9? I absolutely don’t express any reservations to this hotel and I can definitely recommend it to anyone. Both demanding client and this lesser.

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