Airport Hotel Okęcie 4* – hotel review

At the beginning let me start with the fact that I very rarely sleep in non-chain hotels so by now I’ve been staying away from this hotel, without specific reason. Or maybe because I have a fondness for Holiday Inn Express Warsaw Airport hotel? I don’t know. My affection for Airport Hotel Okęcie begun from my visit In Czekolada Cafe which is a hotel cafe and pattiserie in one. This place beguiled me to such an extent that I decided to spend there one night, before one of my following trips.

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Airport Hotel Okęcie is a 4 star hotel, that was built in 2001 and then restored in 2014. There are 263 rooms of different standards waiting for guests and well-developed conference area that extends to over 2,200km2. Besides the above-mentioned Czekolada Café we can also find here Polish Restaurant, Restaurant Mirage, Aviator bar & lounge (located on the 10th floor) and Wellness zone, that surprised me pleasantly.

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My choice was “Business” room of 27m2 and was located on the 6th floor. The first thing that stood out was a very good smell both on the corridor and in the room. When it comes to the room itself I really liked the interior. A lot of bronze, wooden and ashen shades that form a really nice combination. The sleeping place consists of two connected beds – I don’t like such a solution but it’s a really convenient solution for business needs (It can be easily separated). This convention is common used in other hotels as well so it was not that surprising for me. There was also free water and appliances for making coffee at my disposal. Apart from that I could use a minibar.

Among the other facilities of the room there was also a TV (medium size these days). But it is important to stress that all the cabling was pretty well hidden, and under the TV there were some sockets. Besides there were two small armchairs and a little table. Disposable slippers, ironing set in wardrobe, vault and air conditioning were not missed as well.

A very good thing is a fact that there’s an option to order various types of pillows to the room e.g orthopaedic pillow and including additional cover for the mattress which makes the bed softer.

Pokój Business - Airport Hotel Okęcie


The bathroom was quite compact comparing to the dimensions of the whole room, but the bath integrated with the shower were fitted in without any problems inside. The bath is something I appreciate a lot in the hotel, especially after a long and just an exhausting drive.What’s interesting we can find here also a heated floor, so a huge plus for the hotel. At my disposal there was a bathrobe, cosmetics and towels set and including hairdryer which I did not use for obvious reasons.


The hotel breakfast is something that one does anticipate the most – I write this words from my perspective. „I can’t wait for the breakfast” is a surely most common sentence in the preceding evening. This time for sure I wasn’t disappointed. A rich choise of various dishes and snacks made me regret of having my departure so early. Very good bread, challah, dill pickles, pickled pumpkin and medallions, olives, capers, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, fruit salad, yoghurts, various cereals, a righ choise of beautifully exposed cheeses, eggs in mayonaise, smoked fish, cooked meats from smoking chamber and a lot more. Oh! I would forget about hot dishes – mini toasties with cheese and mushrooms – maybe not very dietary but these are one of the crucial tastes of childhood. Mushrooms in a sour cream and crepes with cheese are also a good job. In the breakfast place (which changes into a restaurant later on) there was also a whole honeycomb from ecological apiary – very effective. The last thing i want to mention is an option to order a fresh scrambled egg or an omelette.

Pictures definitely don’t do you justice but i did my best.

Mirage Restaurant

At the arrival day, after 8 p.m I went to the restaurant Mirage in order to take a bite of some local delicacies. I spend quite a bit thinking about what to order. A nice waiter warmly recommended me to take a pumpkin cream, as it was a pumpking season then. I carried in my mind that I was discouraged by this type of soup once but since then i haven’t tried it so I took a chance. I know one thing – I will definitely come back to feel that taste of slightly spicy soup again. I can’t wait for the new pumpkin season. It was really just delicious.

Krem z dyni - Airport Hotel Okęcie

For the second course I orderd the fish of a day with vegetables and celery puree. The last position is something that I loved recently (I wonder why only now). I have to affirm that everything was served very nice, on hot vessels and wooden stand.

When it comes to the dessert i didn’t have a chance to try it – maybe next time. If the taste will be similar to these from Czekolada Cafe for sure noone will be disappointed.

Aviator bar&lounge

On the 10th floor there is a bar/club named Aviator. This name was nicely incorporated in the character of a hotel. Various corporate parties are organized in here. Its interior and particularly dancing place make also a pretty big impression. Look at this ceiling!

Drinks are served by delectable and talkative staff. Of course you can also add your restaurant costs to your bill for the whole stay.

In the bar we can observe some cardboard planes, and a view from the window is on the nearly situated airport. The entrance to the „aviator” is decorated with big retro posters.

Drink prices are starting from 20 PLN which is not that much for the capital city hotel. One of them you can see above and I believe it’s a good deal for that price. The menu itself also has a nice styling.

Menu Aviator bar&lounge - Airport Hotel Okęcie

During my stay bartenders showed me also a new menu, which was going to be realased soon (I don’t know if this already happened). The cover looks invitingly.

SPA&Wellness zone

Let’s move from the bar do Wellnes&Spa zone. Just after crossing the threshold I noticed a pleasant service. For our dispozal we have e.g dry sauna with city view, oriental mud bathhouse – Rasul, steamroom with aromatherapy, shower of effects, rest zone with salt wall, jacuzzi and a face care and body salon. The price of all these amenities is 100 PLN for the first 1,5 hour and the next 50 PLN for additional hours.

From the sauna we can admire nightly lights of Warsaw.

From jacuzii there’s a similar view but the impression is totally different. Personally i prefer jacuzzi as an option for lazy relax.

I didn’t test any other amenities, but if you are interested in a hotel offer you can check on their hotel website. In their offer they have various treatments, different types of massages, peeling and so on.

Apart from above, in the hotel there are also gym and fitness center equipped in all important weight machines.


Airport Hotel Okęcie is located 2,5km from Mokotów Shopping Mall, 0,8km from Chopin Airport, 8,2km from Warszawa centrum train station and 7km from Warszawa Zachodnia train station.

Access to the hotel by public transport is very easy. For example bus number 504, S3, S2 train, RL (SKM and Koleje Mazowieckie – destination Chopin airport, getting out on Warszawa Służewiec stop) or bus 175 (getting out on Komitetu Obrony Robotnikow bus stop). If you don’t want to use the public transport there’s always an option to use Uber’a (my refferal code is: pawelj2). From the airport you can also use a free hotel shuttle bus.


Airport Hotel Okęcie, as I said in the introduction, was a hotel that i missed, probably because of that it is not a chain hotel. But sometimes you can be positively surprised, like in this case. Baker/cafe „Czekolada Cafe” is magnificent. The room is also very nice. Aviator bar&lounge is also a very interesting place, not to mention a restaurant downstairs. For my the most ill-fitting element was the reception, but not because of the employees – they were truly kind, but because of its look.


+ reasonable price

+ very good cuisine and confectionary goods

+ proximity of the airport (free shuttle bus)

+ hotel small market with reasonable prices


– non-chain hotel (for some people advantage)


Airport Hotel Okęcie

Ul. 17 Stycznia 24

02-148 Warszawa

Telefon: +48 22 456 80 00


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