Vienna House QF Dresden – hotel review

Vienna House QF Dresden

Vienna House QF Dresden is a hotel, from what i know, without star standardization. But in my opinion it surely deserves 4*. The building and the first hotel in this place were built in 2006 and managed by Arturo Prisco, initiator of a whole complex QF (incl. shopping strip with the “Visit Dresden” tourist information). Hotel decoration was implemented by the italian designer Lorenzo Bellini, with a sense of elegancy and timeless natural tones. Under Vienna House brand it fulfills its function since january 2017. Check opinions about the hotel on Tripadvisor site (no. 9 among 117 hotels in Dresden).

95 rooms of different standards were fitted in on 6 floors. And also a conference room, in which one can organize conferences and business meetings up to 200 people. On the last tier of a hotel is located a stylish bar named Dachbar. On the ground floor, just at the reception, there is a newly-established Bellini Lounge, where you can enter for just 15 EUR.

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In the direct neighbourhood of a hotel sits Neumarkt Square and also historic church of Blessed Virgin Mary  (Frauenkirche) and Museum of Transport and Communication (Johanneum) in a building from 1586 roku, which on the beginning of its existance has been used as a stable and coachhouse of a saxon manor house. They conferred The „Johanneum” name much later – in honour of Jan Wettyn king, who during his control did a reconstruction of this building.

In general, the location of this hotel, at least for me, is magnificent. If you have a room with a view on Neumarkt you can be in a seventh heaven. But if you value peace and quietness take into account that especially during a weekend can be a bit noisy here. Mainly because of a big amount of nearly located restaurants.

Vienna House QF Dresden

Hotel has its own parking, which is located exactly under the hotel. It’s actually a part of a huge parking, that lies under the whole square. If you would like to reach this place i would recommend you to find Q-Park, Landhausstraße 2 in your GPS. To be more specific, the parking of a hotel is located on 2nd underground floor. The price for one day is 25 EUR, which is not that much if you glance at the local conditions. But if the price scares you or if you just don’t need to leave the car in the “hotel’s basement” I’d recommend the groundbased Parkplatz Schießgasse, which you can find just a stone’s throw from the first one and it’s more than half cheaper.

I arrived at the hotel in the afternoon so my room was already waiting for me. The check-in itself was pretty easy and fast.

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My room was a spacious Magnus Room 32m2 with a view on Neumarkt. There was a king size bed inside, but there were also other booking options of this room, with two separate beds. Wi-fi in the room (free) was working really great as well as the air conditioning so nothing to complain about. TV for that size of the room could be a bit bigger. There was also a chargeable mini-bar and some free water plus some comfy working desk fitted perfectly for notebooks. Room design was in very good taste and the colours were pleasing to the eye.


The bathroom is really spacious, with pleasant italian tiles made of natural stone and it’s equipped with separate shower and a bathtub with integrated shower. It’s quite a good solution for two people, because one person can use the bathtub and the second one the shower. I was alone, so I could enjoy the bath with bubbles as much as I wanted. I have to mention also remarkable, softy bathrobe that got my attention.


Breakfast is served up at the restaurant. On Saturdays and Sundays from 6:30a.m up to 12:00! Maybe the hotel crew predicted that there might be some party goers among the guests that stay outside until some very early hours. However I went for the breakfast at 6:30, to take pictures of a whole service and also in view of a fact that I was planning to go my way soon. Everything was very well dominant, according to the standards. There wasn’t plenty of food at once but any shortage was restocked immediately – nevertheless the choice of the dishes could be a bit wider. .A very nice accent was a fact, that during the breakfast they offered some bonuses that didn’t even existed in the menu list. It was a must for me. It was very nice that you could eat some tasty cake in the morning. There was also something enjoyable for the eye – large selection of the press.

There was an option to order something fresh e.g, omelette, but this time I passed because of the lack of the time. Menu looked very elegant and encouragingly – now i regret a bit that I didn’t order anything.

SPA & Wellness Area

There is no pool or even jacuzzi at the hotel grounds – I always emphasize it as a big disadvantage, beacause I like to stretch up in the water after an exhausting day. There is a small gym though, but I didn’t have a chance to test it out, I only took some photos.

Dachbar Bar

On the last tier of the building there is a Bar named Dachbar. I was the only guest at this place for a very long time, but somebody else came later. It was probably due to the fact that there were many various parties in Dresden back then. I spoke with bartenders and they told me that usually there are loads of people there. Generally, bartenders were very capable and outgoing. Cool team! And most of all they make really tasty drinks.

I could definitely rate interior design as a boutique one. I don’t know if you like that style but I found it very fancy. They even offered a game of chess!

I can’t also forget to mention about the delicious coffee I’ve had here..

Bellini Lounge

I’ve been to the hotel literally one month after opening this lounge. Maybe it’s not a typical lounge that we know from Hilton or Intercontinental hotels (there are no happy hours with strong liquors), but anyway I have to bring out that this kind of place is really worth spending 15€ per person, and it’s very worthwhile.When I was there before 9 p.m. I could choose tortillas, sandwiches (wrapped in foil – I don’t like them, but presumably thanks to it they keep freshness longer), fair choice of flavored and standard beers. Apart from that you could of course find some tea and coffee. We have got something for the body now, so there was a decent book selection for the spirit as well.

After a short stay inside I was surprised that it’s so empty here – maybe this place needs some additional advertising? Bellini Lounge is open every day between 6:30 a.m and 8:00 p.m (probably they changed working hours, cause Ii was inside at 8:45 p.m – or maybe they didn’t clean up the service then and didn’t close the lounge – is it the reason for zero people inside? You can only guess).

They serve breakfast from 6:30 to 11:00, from 3 p.m to 5 p.m and between 5:30 p.m, and 8:00 p.m there is an tea service .
3 pm – 5 pm Afternoon tea
5.30 pm – 8 pm Light dinner


I was in a couple other hotels of Vienna House brand before, namely: andel’s Prague (now Vienna House Andel’s Prague), Chopin Bratislava (now Vienna House Easy Bratislava), angelo by Vienna House Katowice (now Vienna House Easy Katowice), Vienna House Amber Baltic Międzyzdroje, Chopin Hotel Cracow (now Vienna House Easy Cracow), but none of them wasn’t similar to the one in Dresden. It’s a whole different hotel Completely! The „QF” chain could be set up and it wouldn’t be on a lost position at all in my opinion.


+ location,
+ room and bar style,
+ affordable access to Bellini Lounge (15 EUR),
+ kind staff,
+ the bowl for the dogs between entrance doors (when I was entering there was no food inside, but when I was coming back it was filled in),
+ bike rental,
+ pets friendly,
+ mobile concierge (hotel support application – I’ve never used it but I know some people that love that kind of solutions).


– breakfast’s choice could be a bit wider,
– no pool, nor Jacuzzi.


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Vienna House QF Dresden

Neumarkt 1
01067 Drezno

tel +49 351 563 3090

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(Paweł Jakubowski)